Why Choose Texmo Precision Castings

It is challenging to write a blog on why you should choose Texmo Precision Castings! Do we go on a self-laudatory path? Or do we fill this space with customer testimonials? Or give you enough engineeringjargon-filled content to show you a company that means business (in more ways than one)? We chose instead to make this blog a simple, factual one that talks about our daily work life.

And yes, we are hoping that at the end of it, we would have made our case on why you should choose us for your next precision castings requirement. So, here goes…

Modern foundries + wide network
All our castings are produced in ultramodern facilities in the USA & India. We would love to show you our manufacturing plants too – simply write in to us. We are the only commercial casting plant with this combination of locations in Asia and America. So that’s a strategic advantage to all our customers as well. Apart from our presence in the USA and India, we also have a UK location. Our employees encompass six nationalities and are perfectly poised to look after your needs.

We keep it in-house
All critical processes are kept inside our company. We do not believe in outsourcing these processes. From the very beginning of making the initial cast to the ever-so-satisfying precision finishing, the products we make are truly made by us. We are responsible for the management of lead times, quality, and full adherence to your requirements.

We are agile. In more ways than one.
Our commitment to Value Analysis (VA) and Value Engineering (VE) helps us bring the power of advanced technologies such as 3D printing and experimental alloys to produce wax models of your castings within days.

We invest right
Putting money back into equipment, machinery, people, and facilities keeps us going. We know that the right investments, at the right time, and into the right things is what helps us stay on top of the game.

team working on reports

Complexity does not scare us!
One of our customers had this to say, “When other competitors turned down requests for quotes of new complex designs, Texmo Precision Castings stepped up and delivered 7 new components as part of a world’s first product.” Intricate designs only excite us to do better and get it right the first time.

Smorgasbord of clients
Our customers span a wide range of industries: gas turbine components (both IGT and aerospace), medical devices and equipment, sensors, valves, compression systems, automotive components, industrial equipment components, hardware, sports equipment and gears. So, whether it is sports equipment or medical devices, Texmo Precision Castings has proven ability in handling complex geometries, and materials.

But don’t take our word for it!
Of course, we would say wonderful things about our own selves! But multiple awards shore up our record of accomplishments as well. From 2006 when we won the Schneider Electric Award for best internationalization support to 2022 when we won (again) the John Deere Achieving Excellence: Partner Level award, we have quite few feathers in our cap indeed.

And you can always ask us for more
If you need more information about us, contact us and we would be delighted to have a chat with you.